Technical Information

Only materials that meet the highest qualitative requirements, have a long life cycle and meet the requirements of ecological standards of today’s society are used in our Redwell heating elements.

Core and Accumulator Element:* a natural product
• non-flammable (melting point 1315C – 2399F)
• not electrically conductive
• no thermal layering when exposed to freezing temperatures

We use a unique heat conductor which comes from the space and aeronautic field. This heating element is stable for 100 years and makes it possible for us to manufacture heating units which are entirely free of electrosmog.

To protect the heating unit from overheating and to elimininate overheating hazards, the unit is equipped with a safety thermostat approved and required by the CSA and UL.

Hard Glass Enameled Surface
Enameled steel is the result of the melting of high quality steel hard glass according to high-tech production processes. Enameled steel is scratch resistant, acid resistant, colourfast and nearly indestructible.

This surface material can be manufactured in various colors, even with decorative themes and pictures (screen processing). Additionally, hard glass enameled surfaces have very good heat reflection properties (minimal emission of convection warmth). Enquire with us for minimum quantities to put your own colour or pictures on the heaters!

An additional positive attribute is the low transfer conductivity. This is what allows us to be able to touch the heating elements for a short time without suffering burn injury or pain (there is no danger of injury even for small children.).

Rear Panel
In order to provide the necessary stiffness and rate of twist, we use a strong galvanized sheeting on our Redwell heating units.

Joining the Surface, Core and Rear Panel
We use a special adhesive to combine these elements, ensuring a lasting and stable unit life. This dual-component adhesive is designed for high temperature use and is custom-manufactured for our heating units and is free of gas emissions.

The special adhesive is applied to the sheeting parts, which are then put together and fixed in a press.

The frame of the heating units is made of anodized aluminum (standard models). Frames are also available in white, chrome or wood.

Corners and Brackets
For the installation of the heating units, we can provide hidden brackets or synthetic corner brackets (for wall and ceiling installation).

The synthetic corner brackets are available in white and grey.

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